Main Supported Charities

The main supported charities, who receive 50% of the amount raised in the both of the challenges, are the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.  

In 2019, both charities received just under £40,000 each.  Both charities responded to these donations with fulsome praise and thanks to Challenge Adventure Charities participants from the summer Challenge and team Challenge alike.


Cancer UK wrote:

"Thank you all at Challenge Adventure Charities for your very generous donation towards our life-saving work and research.

With the help of your continued generosity CRUK are funding ground breaking progress on a national and global scale, laying the vital foundations for future cancer research. Thanks to investments like yours, cancer survival has doubled in the last 40 years. Now we want to see 3 in 4 people surviving by 2034. We have a strategy to get there and together we can make it happen.

We really are very grateful for all the support that you have given us over the years. I hope you can feel proud with the knowledge that you've helped us make great strides in the fight to beat cancer. I will endeavour to speak to either of you next week to arrange a lab tour of the Southampton Centre in the near future,I noticed your riders kindly chose to donate extra to us, so we'd really like the opportunity to show them and you where the income, that these events generate, goes."


The British Heart Foundation responded thus:

“Thank you for your huge support. We are very fortunate to have such valuable fundraising channelled through and arranged by yourselves. Without your work the BHF could not conduct lifesaving research and work towards beating heartbreak forever. Thank you!"