Main Supported Charities

Each year the Trustees select the main supported charities who receive 50% of the amount raised in the Team challenge,

In 2017, the main supported charities will again be the British Heart Foundation and Cancer Research UK.  In 2011, both charities received £60,000 each and this is what they had to say.

From Cancer Research UK

A huge thank you from Cancer Research UK to all the participants of the Cahors Challenge who have raised an incredible £60,000 towards our life saving work. We really appreciate all the training, cycling and fundraising, which went into raising these funds. We receive no government funding for our research, so it is only through the generosity of supporters like you that we are able to fund new discoveries and improve cancer survival rates.

We are going to put £40,000 of the money raised towards the construction of The Francis Crick Institute. Due to open in 2015 The Francis Crick Institute will be one of the most significant developments in UK biomedical science for a generation. It is the place where many of the future ways to prevent and treat cancer and other major diseases will be discovered. By bringing together world-class physicists, biologists, chemists and engineers, and creating a unique environment where collaboration and cross-pollination of ideas is inevitable and encouraged, we will see a rapid increase in the speed with which new life-saving discoveries are made. 

We will put the remaining £20,000 of the money raised towards our work into personalised medicine. Personalised medicine will allow patients to be matched to the treatment that will work best for them. Instead of classifying tumours based on where they grow in the body, doctors are now starting to classify tumours according to their genetic make-up.

Choosing cancer treatments based on the genetic characteristics of an individual and their cancer means that patients will receive the treatment that will deliver the best possible outcome. It can also prevent the patient from enduring several different treatments before the most effective one is found, resulting in less time in hospital, fewer side effects and a better quality of life.

If you’d like to find out more about these projects please e-mail

From the British Heart Foundation's Neil Jarrett

Many, many thanks to Challenge Adventure Charities, and to all competitors who participated in the Cahors Challenge 2011, and contributed to the £60,000 donation, which will help the British Heart Foundation continue its life-saving and life-changing research into heart disease.

In 2004, the BHF set itself a goal; to halve the number of premature deaths from cardio-vascular disease in a decade. I am very happy to tell you that we are on target to meet that goal by 2014.

In addition to preventing heart disease, the BHF is at the forefront of developing treatments for people who have heart disease. In 2011, we launched our most ambitious project ever, Mending Broken Hearts. Currently, if heart muscle is damaged due to a heart attack, it never fully recovers. This has a significant impact on the quality of life of the patient, of which there are 750,000 in the UK. Through this research project, we will learn how to stimulate growth of new heart tissue. With the treatments that we will discover, a patient could recover completely.

All of our work is funded through voluntary donation. We can only continue because people receive sponsorship for taking part in a challenge, give goods to our shops to sell, help us with collections, put on an event, request donations from friends, leave a legacy in a will, or any of a number of other ways that they help generate funds.

The fantastic donation from Challenge Adventure Charities will make a significant contribution. This would fund a full-time nurse to care for heart patients, or could purchase 50 defibrillators, which are critical to treat someone in cardiac arrest.

Thank you again for your support