Challenge Adventure Charities was formed in 1996 developing the charity cycling challenge concept that had originated in Forest Adventure Charities with events like the Alpine Challenge in 1995.

Each year, teams of four cyclists were challenged to cycle in relay over 500 miles in three days with the objective of raising as much money as possible for charities chosen by the Trustees and the event participants. The routes were challenging, yet achievable by ordinary cyclists with sensible preparation, and invariably took riders through beautiful countryside and lovely villages with vineyards and the odd mountain thrown in for good measure.

The combination of camaraderie, marvellous routes, a real challenge and sense of adventure whilst raising serious amounts of money for good causes has created a spirit to the challenge which has proved durable over the years.

Our history

By 2004, the Challenges had raised £2,169,627 for worthy causes and the Ultimate Challenge in 2004 involved 115 teams and 460 people and raised £379,412.00. After so many successful events, it was decided to have a well earned break and the Challenge format was taken forward by Wessex Heartbeat, Epilepsy Action and The Extra Mile. Unable to rest on its laurels, Challenge Adventure Charities started a new style Challenge in 2007 with nearly fifty riders cycling for a week in May around the coast and the up the mountainous centre of Corsica raising £52,449.00 for Charity. In 2008, CAC re-introduced its Autumn three day team relay Challenge with the Velo Vosges Challenge in addition to the seven day individual Velo Ventoux Challenge in May.

Challenge Adventure Charities was also responsible for starting the IT Regatta in the 90s which has now become The Silicon Cup.

Sponsors + charities

CAC is a voluntary organisation and one important objective of the trustees is to distribute 100% of individual sponsorship to charity with no deduction to pay for event costs. Every penny raised goes to charity and this will continue to be our aim.

Each year there are main event sponsors who subsidise the costs of the organisation to enable individuals to pay a reasonable entry fee to cover the costs of travel and accommodation etc. The trustees select mainly national charities to benefit from the collective fund raising and individuals can select their own charity for 50% of their sponsorship in the team events. Individual challenge participants can donate 100% of their sponsorship to their chosen cause.

Registered charity

Challenge Adventure Charities is a registered charity number 1057920 with the prime objective of raising money for other charitable causes nominated by participants in our events. It is a limited company (by guarantee) number 3211438 and have a board of two directors who act as trustees: Chris Saltrick and Stuart Mason-Elliott who are responsible for the general administration of the organisation. As such it is subject to the usual reporting requirements of companies and also to the Charities Commission.

Honorary Patrons
Honorary Patron
Peter Dye; Honorary President
Honorary Patron
Dani King, 2011 World Track Pursuit Champion